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History, the second part

Awareness brand: Scarpa Barcelona

The brand is notoriously awareness inside the province of Barcelona for your big range of footwear ‘products that cover a wide fan of needs: the client of S'carpa can find shoes for all the moments of his daily life with an excellent relation quality-price.
Our team of shopping is continuously working in this sense for all the points of sale, adjusting slightly the shopping in function of the needs of the consumers of each zone. Of this form goes freshening his collections according to the last tendencies and the requests of our clients. Our success is based partly in the vicinity with these, what allows us know his needs and like this be able to anticipate us to his wishes.
We connect with the main number of consumers offering different ranges of products: sport, urban, dress, etc. Offer differents references each season with a wide fan of products, not only shoes but also in bags and other articles that complete our collection of man and woman.
The clients think that our shops are those that have the best offer of shoes of all Barcelona because of the big quantity of marks offered. Between these could stand out Levi’s, Patricia, Diesel, Esprit, Nero Giardini, Fluxà, Pepe Jeans, Adidas, Hispanitas, Nike, Geox, 24 horas, Callahan, Clarks, Puma, Stonefly, Unisa, Won- ders, Aqua, Crocks, Coolway, Pedro Miralles, Termans, Fluxos, Unisa, Belén González, Marti- nelli, Converse, Snipe, Skechers... We have also of own and exclusive marks that complete this big fan.... Disponemos también de marcas propias y exclusivas que completan este gran abanico.
S'Carpa has satisfied and faithful customers thanks to the quality of the products offered and, especially, to the excellent advice of our team of sales. Service and quality are two of the best guarantees of ours teaches.